All our attendees young or old love coming to dance classes at fusion , and this is why ;

“I love my Zumba class at Fusion Dance and Fitness. Zumba is a dance / fitness class which i gain great results from. I really look forward to my class every tuesday, Helen is an excellent dance teacher, full of enthusiasm and makes everybody feel very welcome. After my hour of Zumba i feel really good and toned. ‘Keep up the good work Helen’ ”

Lynne Stocks aged 54, Teaching Assistance.

“My daughter Scarlett attends the tiny twisters tap and ballet class at Fusion Dance and Fitness on a saturday morning. She absoulutely loves it!! When waking up on a Saturday morning Scarlett will say to me ‘Is it time to go to dance class’ She thoroughly enjoys the class, learns lots of dance moves and during the week shows them off to friends and family members. Its also good to know this hobbie keeps her healthy and fit. Scarlett is very fond of Helen who is friendly and excellent with all the children and parents.
I would recommend the tiny twisters class to any parent who has young children. I feel the lessons along with the atmosphere at Fusion is fabulous.”

Charlotte Aspden – Parent.

I go to street dance class every Saturday at Fusion Dance and Fitness. I like this class because i enjoy the routines Helen teaches us and i have made friends also. Oh and i can now (almost) stand on my head!!!

Amelia Brister – Mc Cabe. Aged 7.

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